The Casuality of Sex (II)

So I wrote a part one to this, and since I wrote a part one I felt compelled to write a part two… However, I\’d like  to just point out that even though they have the same title these posts can both be read as separate entities! Having said that, if you\’d like to read part one, click here!


I grew up seeing sex as reserved for a man and his wife alone. Not a man, his wife and his girlfriend. Or a man, his girlfriend and his side chick! The fact that those things are very rampant in society is heartbreaking! Because, not only has society turned sex into a casual affair, it has also turned faithfulness in relationships into a rare commodity!!

You see, as a Christian, when you have extramarital sex, it\’s actually called adultery! We hardly ever hear this term being used though! I guess it\’s a bit too strong and a bit too offensive for society. That however doesn\’t make it less true.

But let\’s leave marriage for now!



As an individual, I find it hard to wrap my head around this concept of a side chick… The woman commonly referred to as \”the other woman\” . To me it\’s pretty black and white! Like I\’m very accepting and liberal in my thinking, and I have tried to understand and even accept this (in more ways than one) but I really can\’t budge on it! If you love her, then you don\’t cheat on her! Life is too short for those kind of games! If you see someone else that you like, why not just end it with the first person and get together with the second? This goes for both men and ladies! Cause, I mean… You\’re not married! Nothing is forcing you to stay with said partner, so why cheat? Why date two people at the same time?!

To me… It shows a lack of contentment, but more than that, it shows a lack of faithfulness, that in my opinion will probably transcend from the realm of dating to the realm of marriage….

Maybe I\’m wrong! Maybe it\’s just me and my old fashion way of thinking, but to me, faithfulness is a big deal! Same way sex is a big deal!

So before I go, I\’ll just say this. Before  you choose to have a sexual relationship with your partner, think about why you\’re doing it, think about the consequences, think about the future and then act accordingly. It doesn\’t matter what your race, religion or gender is. A lot goes on during sex that is beyond the physical, and it would be great if we stopped being so casual about it (and a lot of other thing to be honest).

Finally! When it comes to faithfulness, in the words of some unknown wise man, \” You can\’t have your cake and eat it!\”

These are my random thoughts what are yours?! I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments! 

PhotocreditEjike Manny Photography. For more pictures like these check him out on IG  @ejikemanny! 

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