March 2014

Join Me??

So, this week has been crae crae :\'( I\’ve gone through everything I could possibly go through in a week and I swear down I  don\’t think I can cope! lol, don\’t mind this weird intro :p I was gonna make it something cool, but decided to go with honesty 😀 Anyhow, my last post was […]

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My Reality

My posts come from somewhere deep inside, and I guess my insides aren\’t as pretty as everyone thinks. So here is another post from the not so pretty side of my inside 🙂 Hope you like it! Its funny how we deny the reality of what we feel We feel like crap, yet smile and say I\’m great!

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So, this morning I was on instagram, looking through my old pictures, and I came across a picture of myself that I had put up. It was a pic mix of two pictures… one from 2009, and the second from 2013. I looked at the picture and it got me thinking, and now, I\’m here

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