To Live…

Happy St. Patrick\’s day beautiful people! It\’s been a while, so I decided to take advantage of the day off and post something! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


To live, the dream and aspiration of every man.

Not to merely exist, but to live…

To feel the kiss of the sun, the whisper of the  breeze, the song of the bird.

To live to the fullest, enjoy the moments when they come.

Dance in the rain, laugh with abandon.

Wouldn\’t it be fun not to care?

To act before you think? Reckless abandon, your piece of cake?


Heavy feet, dragging behind you.

Desk to desk, food, sleep by the way.

Days rolling into each other, night, day.. A blur.

Life… caught up in the circle of earning a living.

Forgetting to live.

Amassing riches, gold, money, cars,

Your pick at your disposal, yet indisposed to use.

Dust gathers, mold grows, from dust to dust.

Your possession\’s vanish before your very eyes.


That holiday planed for the last 5 years,

Cancelled for business the first time,

They needed you the second.

The third.. You just couldn\’t go.

Your spouse tires of your constant absence,

Can\’t remember the last time you did more than sleep in the same bed.

Your scent but a memory, your touch a distant dream…

Your kids can\’t remember the last time you took them to the park,


Read a story, made them laugh..

They tiptoe around you.. You earn the money, you pay the fee\’s,

Kids are to be seen not heard.


That 6 figure lady

Too busy earning… making a name for yourself.

All the men avoid you, sorry respect you.

No time for fun, no time for love.

Every social encounter, a calculated move

No spontaneity,

Days blend, work your life.

You say you\’re happy, but at night in bed, your pillow begs to differ.

Insomnia sets in, your darkest thoughts revealed.

One too many drinks, takes away the sting of another night alone.

Skipped meals, you say you\’re dieting, but in reality, the empty dining table reminds you of how alone you are.


The beauty of life is only experienced when you live, and not just exist.

When you savour your meals, flavours exploding in your mouth.

When you appreciate the birds, their cheerful nature.

When you smile at the rainbow,

Take a minute to appreciate nature.

Allow the flavours of the world become a reality in your life.

Slow down and breathe.. Smile, it costs you nothing.

Money can buy clothes, food, people to make you happy,

It can do a lot of things…

But at  night, when you lie in  bed, alone.. It can\’t buy love,

It can\’t buy joy..

Don’t rush through life solely accumulating,

Constantly calculating..

Take a moment to smell the roses, before it\’s too late.


Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments! Please feel free to comment and share! 🙂

Photocredit: Iyke Ibeh. Check him out on IG to see more of his amazing pictures @iykeibeh

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