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June 2017

Just Do It

Something sad happened to me last week.Crying-Sad-Meme

My work crush got a new job and left (sobbing uncontrollably) LOL

I actually found it quite sad, cause in the 9 months that I have worked there, I never had the liver to talk to him, very sad stuff. He was always nice to me, smiled at me, actually said “Hi Sharon” unlike everyone else who just nodded at me, but for some reason, I just never knew what to say when I saw him. And then, last week he left.

As per usual Sharon nature, I learnt a lesson from that incident.

You know how the Nike slogan is

Just do it

Well, they were really onto something there. I mean, I expected this guy to be around for at least 2 years, giving me time to develop a liver and talk to him, but lo and behold, he left after 9 months.

Nothing in life is permanent. If you’re like me you might be good at prioritizing things and never actually getting to things at the bottom of the priority list. Don’t do that.  Don’t put things off when you can do them. If you’re meant to email someone, do it now and don’t say “I’ll do it later”, cause chances are you won’t.


Life is fleeting, we all know this, situations change, people move, and life goes on, but sometimes we miss out on opportunities for greatness simply because we say to ourselves, “I’ll have time later” or “it’s not that important”.

Don’t be like me, if there is something you need to do, do it now.

So, these are my Monday words of wisdom, I hope you find them somewhat helpful or at the very least funny.

In the spirit of doing things, if you haven’t checked out my last blog post, now is the time to do it. There is a link to a beautiful song, “Boys Don’t Cry” on it, and I’d advise you to check it out 🙂

Thank you for reading today’s post! As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Boys Don’t Cry

Hello beautiful people ♥️


First of all, a massive Father’s Day shoutout to all the Fathers out there!

So today, I have something a little different for you.

Today I’d like you to meet Leo Owan. Leo is an amazing multitalented young man, He’s an awesome writer(amongst other things) his articles and written pieces are always thought provoking, (you can read one of them here.) That’s not all though, he’s a dope singer and has an Ah-Ma-Zing voice! (I kid you not!)

Today he released a single “Boys Don’t Cry” check it out below and thank me later ♥️

To you, for all I did to make you cry and leave.
For me, for all the time you said “Man up, boys don’t cry”
When you left, I didn’t cry..
Now I want to open up..

Listen to my new sound guys “Boys Don’t Cry”
Bless up!

Story story


Story time! Ya’ll know I love telling stories 🙂giphy (1)

So yesterday, I got back from a trip, which was exceedingly exhausting and I just wanted to go home and sleep. I got off the bus and I was waiting for another bus that would drop me off close to my house. The time for the bus to arrive came, passed, and still no bus. I was like, ya’ll don’t expect me to walk home, do you?? (Cause my house is like 25 minutes’ walk from where I was at the time)

So anyways, after much back and forth in my spirit (I did not want to start walking and the bus would drive past!), I decided to walk. I started walking and I saw a woman in the distance, this woman looked like she wanted to ask for help, and I was not in the mood to help anyone, but I could not just turn away, lol that would probably have come across as rude! Anyways, I got to her, we talked,  and I found out that she was lost and needed directions. I happened to be going in the same way that she was meant to be heading, so I told her I’d walk with her cause describing the place would be a bit difficult.

So we started talking and she asked me what I do, and I told her I was doing a PhD. When I said this, she did not respond. did I mention that she was Polish? Anyways, so when she kept quite I went on to say I was doing research and then, I realised my error.


She felt a bit insulted because she thought, that I thought because she was polish she did not understand what a PhD was, which really was not the issue.  She went on to say to me, that she had done her doctoral studies and was there for a conference. (Which for some reason escaped me, even though she had mentioned the conference earlier!) I was mortified mortified(I’m not even going to lie!) and I instantly apologised to her, I actually felt really bad covers face. Long story short, we got over that little hitch, talked and I walked her to her place. She wished the best and actually wished me a lot of good things which made me smile.

Why did I share this story? Well, cause there are lots of lessons to be learnt. As a black woman living in Ireland, I have always been on the receiving end of people assuming I do not know something because I am black or assuming I know something because I am black. And in as much as I’m not one to get easily offended at things like that, I realised yesterday how easy it is to do that to someone. Which leads me to the point; never make assumptions. Most times assumptions do not do too much harm, but they can ruin friendships, relationships, network etc. and you might not know it, but this world is made up of networks of people and it is how we thrive.

The other thing I’d like to point out is, sometimes, the things we want even though they aren’t bad might stop us from experiencing other things. Like I did not want to walk at all. I would have taken the bus if it had shown up, and even though I prayed that it would be there, it was not. If I had taken the bus though, I would have missed the interesting encounter I had with the Polish woman. Looking glad, I’m glad I didn’t get the bus. I actually enjoyed talking to her and walking with

So yea, I don’t have a summary for today’s post. But I do hope you enjoyed it and learnt something from it!  If you haven’t taken the poll from the last post please do so!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading today’s post! I look forward to hearing back from you


One Mans Food…

Recently I found myself  involved in a series of conversations, and these conversations, as usual, got me thinking. Today, I will share some of my thoughts with you!

So, a lot of those discussions, revolved around questions that had elements  of “would you do this”, “is this acceptable to you” or “is this wrong” in them.  And obviously, because we are all different, the opinions of everyone involved in the conversations varied.

This got me thinking, and in the midst of that, I remembered having a conversation with a guy about long distance relationships. The guy basically told me that, if I am not with a person as per the same physical vicinity, or at least an hour or two away from said person then my relationship isn’t really a relationship.Obama_laughing LOL, I laughed, in my head, because I know wayyyy too many people that have had long distance relationships that have worked out perfectly fine. I mean sure, they have had their ups and downs, but that goes for every other relationship out there.

Now, I could go on to talk about all the perks of long distance relationships, but I think I’ll save that for another day!

I personally don’t see life as black and white. I don’t see life as an absolute left or right. Why? Well often times the views/opinions we have are based on past experiences or our upbringings or the societies we grew up in. However, those factors do not by default make our views and opinions law.

I have learnt that it’s very useful and helpful to keep an open mind when dealing with ANYONE, not just people from different countries and what not. I have also learnt that it is okay to disagree with someone, and more than that it’s okay to disagree without fighting or being hateful or malicious!

At the end of the day, what works for you may not work for someone else and that is perfectly okay. We are not all the same and we do not function best under the same circumstances. Therefore we should not expect the things that work for us to work for everyone. We are unique, and that uniqueness plays into the way we see things and handle situations…

As the saying goes…

“One mans’ food is another mans’ poison”

At the end of the day, today’s post is simply to remind everyone, that because something works or does not work for you does not make it any less real or false for someone else. And when you find yourself with people with different backgrounds, always be willing to listen to them and what they have to say. Don’t be so quick to shut them down or dismiss the things they believe in. Who knows, it might turn out that their views might make more sense than yours!

Thanks for reading today’s post! Feel free to share, like and comment <3! 

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