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February 2018

Lessons from Lupita and the Black Panther Cast…


So I’m not really a Marvel fan type of person. However, Black Panther was all shades of amazing and lol, if you haven’t seen it, you really should!

Okay, so, unfortunately, this isn’t a review. This post is actually about the amazing cast of Black Panther kinda and life lessons I learnt from watching interviews and basically stalking the cast. LOL

Lupita and Shuri

Let’s start with Lupita, a few years ago, someone told me I reminded them of Lupita Nyong’o. Lol, at the time, I didn’t even know who she was, but from then on I slowly started to fall in love with her.

I’ve been watching a lot of interviews of Lupita since the release of black panther, and today while scrolling through her IG, I saw a post where someone commented and said something along the lines of “Lupita living the life/always having fun” and you know what, I actually agreed with them for a second. Until I saw a post where Lupita was celebrating her birthday with the cast. The picture caused me to think about all the sacrifices actors make to create awesome movies. I mean, it takes months of practice, hours of learning scripts, study, dedication, sacrifices.

FAM, it often looks like they are living the life on opening night, but when you think about it, it actually took them a lot to get there. A lot of hard work and time too. Nothing in life is just a walk in the park. Hard work always comes into play at one point or the other. It is what makes great people star

Another thing is, when watching video interviews or reading interviews of the cast, I realised that, in spite of everything they had to learn to become their characters, Nakia, T’Challa, W’Kabi, Okoye, M’Baku, Shuri, Erik etc, they still had fun.  They had fun working, they had fun becoming their characters and they had fun creating magic. Yes, I’m pretty sure there were challenging times and yes, they probably worked long hours (I actually know nothing about filmmaking) but they still found joy in those times.

A lot of people are always waiting, they are waiting to “arrive” before they find their joy. They are waiting to get to the end of the road before they have fun and they end up forgetting to enjoy the things that are happening around them. They forget to laugh at the funny times and enjoy themselves.  Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER Global Junket Press Conference


Life is full of many stages. You go through different things at different times. It’s important to take as much good from every stage of your life as you possibly can. Because the truth is, there will be times of fun and enjoyment and relaxation, but there will also be times of challenges, growth and hard work. If you don’t remember to find fun and more importantly joy in every stage of life, well, life will pretty much pass you by and all you’ll have will be moments of “I wish I had” instead of fun-filled memories.


So in closing, Black Panther is amazing and the cast is full of amazing, good looking (wink) people. If you haven’t seen it, stop dulling! LOL

But more than the amazing cast, there are lessons we can learn from them as individuals. Their dedication, hard work, open-mindedness, unity, loyalty, and humility are things we should emulate in every area of our lives.Skill is not enough to achieve greatness. You need to be willing to put in the hard work.



As an aside, Letitia Wright is a Christian, unashamed and very open about her faith. When you get a voice, when you go from being a nobody to being a somebody, even if you are only a somebody to a handful of people, don’t be quiet. Don’t be ashamed. Speak out for what you believe in, for what you hope for. This is something that the cast of Black Panther has done repeatedly. They have advocated for women and for Africa and so much more.


It is something we should all do. Don’t let your voice be wasted on things that don’t add value or don’t move the world or your world in the right direction.

Speak up for more! Together, little by little, we can have that more!

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And please, go see Black Panther!


Something Old but New

 A month after obtaining my B.Sc, I went back to school to start working on my Ph.D. Before I went back, I had a list of things I wanted to do outside of my research. I didn’t want to be one of those people who became so consumed with their research that they forgot how to live life. LOL. I laugh now because the thing I feared was what happened to me. A year into my Ph.D. I found myself struggling to find a balance. story for another post.palm face

I began to measure myself and my growth and progress with what those around me (and by around me, I mostly mean the people I knew back in Nigeria) were doing.

To my eyes, they were living the life, achieving their dreams and I was the struggling researcher living the work-home, work-home life 6 days a week. LOL what a silly comparison to make.

For a long time, I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t measuring up. Feeling like I was left behind,  and not progressing. But recently it struck me that yo I am doing a Ph.D.! I tend to throw the word around because I am surrounded by other Ph.D. students, but the truth is,  it’s in no way a walk in the park and the people I am constantly measuring my life with are not doing a Ph.D. and they are not me! well duh

Everyone’s journey is different and the truth is, we don’t all have the same end goal and we won’t all get to our end goals at the same time. Some people will get there at 20 others at 25 others at 30 and others at 50. Yes, we all want to achieve greatness, and we also want to be successful and happy, but the truth is, success and happiness vary for every individual. Our lives are different and the factors that surround us are different. We can’t expect to achieve everything at the same speed and in the same manner as others because we are not the same people! obv

So here are my two cents on the matter. In this social media age where everyone’s life is on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat it’s easy to feel discouraged when your mates/people you know seem to be doing so much more than you are, or seem to be having much more fun , but the truth is, most people only put up the good times. They don’t post about their struggles, their stress, their hurt, nada, so you measuring your entire life against their happy moments is not ideal and doesn’t help you in any way. It’s like measuring your physical growth against a newborn baby. I mean, you won’t get an accurate representation because you are both at two different stages of life.

measuring your entire life against their happy moments is not ideal

Moral of the story, everyone is running a different race. Your race is unique to you and as long as you are running it to the best of your ability that’s all that matters. Keep running and achieving, cut yourself some slack and celebrate your small victories!celebrate

I say this all the time because it is super important! Celebrate your victories because life can be tough at times and people can be hard to please, so when you can, celebrate those victories! They make the bigger victories that much sweeter.


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