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January 2014


ImageHi everyone!!! Today, I’m not posting something I did, I’m actually posting something my dad wrote. When i first read it, it spoke to me, touched me, so, I decided to be nice and share it to everyone else! Enjoy!


You predated your birth
You existed in His loins before you came forth
You were the object of his love in the womb of time
For you He made the universe
For you He set the sun, moon, stars, galaxies in their places

He is mindful of you
He is intoxicated thinking of you
His thoughts towards you are more numerous than sand on the sea shores
His plans purposes projections are eternal
When your fullness of time came
He was the one that gave you leave to enter the earth

They said you were unplanned for but He gave you leave to enter the earth
They said you were an accident but He makes no mistakes
They said your mother was unwed, drunk and violated
They said you are undesirable but He gave you leave to enter the earth
He created no mistakes you made it here because you are His star

Your story your songs your misery your mistakes 
They are your unique identity your message your mission
No one else can tell it like you 
No one else can reflect Him like you
You are the only one with your story
You are the only one he made like you

Copyright 2014
Tunde Albert Bolanta


I’m Not Pretty Enough! :(

yeahHi everyone! (lol, I say that like there are thousands of people reading this!) hehe, anyways, lemme start from somewhere! I’m sure from the name of this post everyone should kinda have an idea of what its about! well, if you don’t I’ll enlighten you!

So, today I was on instagram, and I saw this picture of a girl I know, and I looked at the picture and I was like OMG!! what happened to this girl?! she’s lost so much weight! it was.. shocking to say the least, and just like that, bamm! I knew I  just had to write something  about it!

The other day, I was having a convo with my friend, and he was saying how this generation is so twisted! In the past, we always had issues of people not having enough food to eat, but now, what we have is people refusing to eat! like for real, you’ll see a girl, eating once a day, and that once, is like one miserable salad, that doesn’t even have anything in it, and she’ll be like, omg I’m soo stuffed that was soo much food! and you, who is having a burger and chips or something is like, what the heck is this one on about?! smh, girls ! wake up! being size zero isn’t fun! because your’e always constantly trying to keep it at zero! You cant even have chocolate!! lol

Well, in all honesty, I understand the struggle, because I still struggle, I hardly eat, I dunno why actually, food has just never  been my fav thing in the world, but even at that, I don’t starve myself to look good! When I get hungry, I will eat! I spoil myself once in a while too!

There was a time.. not too long ago, that being a size 8 was small.. but now, you’re size 8 and people tell you you’re not skinny enough! like WTH!? where did that come from? curves are a good thing! I pray to God for curves all the time! I don’t think if I get married my husband would want to be hugging bones, even my boyfriend wouldn’t want to cuddle bones, he’d want some flesh.. and the same goes for every other guy! I know there are some people that are naturally thin! They can eat the whole menu everyday and remain thin, and those people I envy! But for the rest of us, who actually put on weight, I beg of you, don’t starve yourself to look like those other ladies.. please!!… work out if need be, have a fit body, be healthy but please don’t over do it and get to the point were you look like you are coming from a starving home!  Because that’s what it seems  most people are striving for! and all i can say is that’s sad! Very very sad! there is nothing wrong in wanting to be slim, fit, and pretty, but having some flesh is a good thing! A very good thing!

Before I end this, lemme just throw this out there.. make up, is meant to enhance your beauty, not make you look like somebody you are not! if you are a black beauty, embrace it, and stop using foundation 2 shades lighter than your face! Please you make it hard for people to recognize you! Imagine if your boyfriend saw you one day,  and started a convo, and was like, hey, do I know you from somewhere? you look very much like my girlfriend! That sounds out of this world, but at the rate which things are going, very very soon.. that’s gonna start happening!

So.. in closing I’ll say this. Ladies, you are beautiful the way you are! You need to accept yourself, and love yourself. Being a stick doesn’t make you pretty. Accept your body, change what you can, but don’t kill yourself to be a size 4.. please! Its a plea!! It wont really affect me if you decide to be anorexic, but it will affect you. Being curvy or slender or skinny isn’t what defines the real you. We are all real woman despite how we look! Its okay to be curvy and its also okay to be slender.. its however Not okay to look like you are starving when you aren’t

So my fellow females, lets be healthy in our quest to be slim and lets also remember moderation.. starvation is not the key! Exercise, eat right, and you’ll be fine 🙂

Is It That Important??!!

ImageYou know when you just have that feel in you to write something??  Well, maybe you don’t have that feel, but I do, once in a while and this is one of those times. So I’ve been going through a stage of growth, I think and development in my life, and I’ve come to realize that there are so many things that are over rated, so many things that are underrated…. in fact to be honest I think the problem is just a case of misplaced priorities. What is important to you? Lemme tell you like a five min story. When I was much younger, I was a helpless romantic child! Lol, all I wanted to do was grow up and get married, of course I wanted to have a job and all that, but getting married and most importantly falling in love was like my number 1 goal. Funnily enough, because of that, I refused to date while I was in sec school, told me myself I wanted it to be just perfect. Well, to cut the long story short, I ended up with the wrong person, twice if I might  add! Lol and do u know  what I got from those experiences? You need to get your priorities right!.. I had always wanted God to rule my relationships, but I would always go to Him, after I had made up my mind on what I wanted, and not before, and we all know that’s not the way it should be. My number 1 priority was fall in love, it really didn’t have anything to do with the people themselves, it was just me. I was blinded by my desires to be in a relationship, I didn’t see what was staring me in the face! 😦 So now, I like this guy (have liked him since God knows when! ) but for once, I told God bout it first before I even let myself consider it, and do u know what? I’ve come to this point where, even though I still like the guy, my mind isn’t centred on whether or not we date. Because I have my priorities straight! And even though I still want to get married ( not letting go of that!) it’s not my number one goal in life! I have other things to think about, and other things to look at. I have my priorities right!  Don’t get me wrong  o! I’m not saying in the past all I’ve ever wanted was to be a house wife, nooooo,  no way! I’ve wanted to do other things, but because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life, what I wanted to become and all that, instead of going through a period of searching and seeking and trying to understand what what my calling was, I just told myself God would reveal it in His time, and I shifted my attention and priorities, to  something that I knew I could see at that moment,( if that makes any sense!) But anyways, what I’m simply saying in this rant is this. You should have your priorities right. Know what is important, to you and for you, you are not your neighbor, don’t take his priorities as yours! When you have your priorities right, it’s easy to stay focused on what u want in life, and what you need to do to achieve it! I’m not sure if this makes sense, or of it’s even helpful to anyone, but like I said, it’s just one of those moments when I just want to write so I did! 🙂

Welcome :)

So… Today i have decided to start a blog. I hope I am faithful to it, cause in as much as it has not been a life long dream of mine! lol, I love to write. 🙂

This blog is going to be all about me!( haha, nah, I’m not that selfish!) It is however going to be about my thoughts, my opinions and just random stuff that I feel the world can benefit from. To start off, I’ll put up some stuff I’ve already written, some of which are on Facebook, but as time goes on I’ll be putting up fresh new stuff 🙂

 Feel free to comment, share, whatever you want!! This isn’t a blog about fashion, or healthy living, or relationships or any of that, its a blog about everything! 

I hope you enjoy this blog 🙂 I will warn you, I am a very “unique” person, with some “interesting” ideas! (note the quotation marks!) 

Enjoy the Ride! 😀

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