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February 2014

That kinda Courage…

download (1) It’s funny how inspiration comes from the weirdest places.. it just tends to drop from nowhere, and sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places..

I just watched “The Help”… judge me not please! lol, I’m not a t.v person and since 2011 I’ve wanted to watch that movie, but I dunno, I just never got the opportunity to watch it! Lol, funny thing was, I was in Nigeria last year and they were showing it on t.v, I was soo excited, got all fired up to watch it and everything! and then bam! NEPA  “took  light”! (the power went out!)  sigh 😦  that was a heart breaking moment for me! But I guess God had a reason for not letting me see that movie till this night!

Franklin Roosevelt once said..

courage is not the absence of fear.. but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear…

The Help..

Courage isn’t just about being brave, it’s about doing what is right, in spite of the weakness of our flesh..2

When you put these two quotes together, you begin to see things in a new light. (by the way, the second quote is from “The Help”)

There are a lot of things in life we tell ourselves we want to do.. There are a lot of situations or positions we find ourselves in and we think to ourselves, ” well this aint right! something has got to change!” but instead of changing things, we sit and complain, and get frustrated and angry and depressed and all that shit .  Yes I know we can’t always change every situation we find ourselves in, but there are some instances where little things such as standing up for yourself will make a difference! You see bah, the thing with courage is that, it doesn’t get rid of fear, and it doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. In fact, most times when we need to be courageous, are the times that we are so filled with dread and fear that we seem almost paralysed and can’t function. We just end up in this spot where the thing we need courage to do seems so huge and impossible and we seem so small… sigh 😦 it can be very discouraging , I know.. but let me tell you this, courage may not get rid of fear, but when you can step out in spite of your fears and reservations, you find out that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, that it is totally worth it! 🙂 It might not seem that way initially, and you might feel discouraged even when you are trying to be courageous, but when you keep pushing and persevering.. things will look up. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy.. I’m not saying everything will be red roses and blue skies, but I am saying that stepping out, having the courage in spite of the fear you feel and in spite of the situation you find yourself in, is and will always be worth it.

Life is always full of choices. you can either live in your present situation and hate the way things are, spending your days wishing things where different and all that, or you can muster up all the courage you can possibly find in you and take a step and do what needs to be done!download

As always I will emphasize the fact that I am not saying go and start protesting and burning cars and rioting because you don’t like your present situation and are trying to be courageous! NO! There are always ways to get things done that don’t involve violence and the likes!

So to bring this short piece to an end.. I say this, there are things that are more important than your fears.. and most times all you need to do is take that step, in spite of those fears.. The ladies in “The Help” risked a lot to do what they did. They were scared and could have been killed, but they realized that enough was enough and in spite of their fears, things had to change.. So what did they do? They took that bold and courageous step, to tell their stories.. I pray God gives us the strength to have that kind of courage!!



ImageIts been a while since I wrote.. school has been crazy and busy, but I’m thankful to God! Well, today’s post is inspired by Beyonce’s Listen! I hope this makes sense to someone, cause the song spoke to me! Enjoy!!

So, a friend of mine did a cover of Beyonce’s listen.. I personally didn’t listen to it, because I’ve just been too busy, but today I was like, why don’t I just listen to the song, and I did, and now,  I’m  in love with the song !! So…Where to start from…Image

Everyone has dreams and  sometimes we don’t even recognize them. The fact is, they are forever in everyone, what you decide to do with it is entirely up to you. I speak from experience, I’ve pushed my dreams aside because I’ve felt the people around me weren’t listening, they heard, but they didn’t really hear.I have small small dreams here and there, sometimes I want to model for people,not because I feel I’m the most beautiful girl on earth, but because I love my body and want people to see Gods goodness in me, other times I want to sing, cause I love it, I love to use my not so nice voice to share different messages, and then other times I want to write. Use my words to change peoples lives for good..  let people know that there is someone else there that feels what they feel and understands their pain.. but have I done any of that? No.. because I feel no one hears me or sees me. The people around me make me feel less than I am and most times, I let them, and instead of focusing on my dreams I focus on theirs. Or focus on what they want me to do.. I’m too busy living their dreams I forget about mine.. its very sad actually.. most people do this, well, maybe not, but I do it, and have been doing it for a long time. In as much as we love people and we love our loved ones, we should be able to do what makes us happy, follow your dreams, not theirs.. they may not be happy about it, but that’s not your problem, because its your dream.. its what you want. if you want it, and they think you’re not good enough, work on yourself and make yourself better, and if you want it, and they think it wont be fruitful, put your best into it and show them just how fruitful it can be. Bottom line of what am saying is this. Your dreams are yours, don’t live someone else’s dream because you want them happy.. live your dream. Its your  dream.. Having said all that, please note I’m not saying go and do wrong stuff in the name of living your dream. As always, use wisdom, do what is right, if your dream is going to do more harm than good to everyone involved then check the dream. All I’m saying is don’t go about living someone else’s dream cause they want you to do this, or be this person.. remember in this life, you only get one shot, make it count!

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