Lesson Learnt!

  It’s quite funny how things often play out in life. A few weeks ago, roughly a month I think, I wrote a piece titled \”I Want to Quit\” . When I wrote it, I was quite frustrated with life, lol, little did I know that it was just the beginning! You see, the weeks between …

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Glasses for Sight

The world is ours to experience and love and its one thing if you are unaware of all the opportunities that are out there, but it’s a totally different and unacceptable thing for you to be aware but too proud or to stubborn to take advantage.

I Want to Quit

So yea, at the end of the day, I keep going. I don’t quit. If I quit, then it means I don’t trust God to complete what He has started, and at this point in my life, that isn’t and will never be an option

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