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\"img_20160724_123216\"It\’s been a month since the last time I wrote. I thought I had a thing going where I was writing every week, or every other week, but the truth is, I haven\’t been able to string two proper sentences together in a very long time.

But I\’m here today, so hopefully whatever I write will make sense to someone.

Here it goes! So, I met someone during the week, and for the sake of privacy lets call him Mr. X. It was actually weird the way I met Mr. X. He came to my house to see a housemate, however, said housemate wasn\’t around so I answered the door. Now, on a normal day, I don\’t answer the door when I hear the doorbell, unless I\’m expecting someone. In my mind, the person that invited the person to the door should answer it!

But anyways, so I went to the door and there\’s this random guy standing there, and am just asking myself  \”who sent you??\” . I was tempted to just turn away and pretend I didn\’t see him, lol, but mama raised me better! Anyhow, so long story short, I invited Mr. X in, but before I let him in the house, I had already told myself that I would let him in and disappear. I mean, I  was already getting ready for bed, already in my PJ\’s and stuff! But then he started talking, and I found out that he was a post doc. researcher and I was interested in his research  so I didn\’t leave! LOL :). I\’m very glad I didn\’t because it turns out we work in the same building an he\’s a nice young man!

So.. why did I just tell this seemingly unnecessary story? Well, imagine if I had done my usual \”someone else will get the door\”  thing. Or if I had actually left him in the living room and gone to my room. I would have missed out on an opportunity to meet someone new. Sometimes in life you need to reach out, do something new, something unusual. You don\’t know whats behind the door. It might just be the THING you\’ve been waiting for!

Now, don\’t get me wrong. Not every door has a prize behind it, but if you don\’t try the door, you\’ll never know. Think of all the things you might have  missed out on simply because you\’ve been too stuck in your way, or couldn\’t be bothered to try something new!

All I\’m saying is this, why not try something new? Today, tomorrow, next week even! It doesn\’t have to be something big, just something different. You might just be in for a big surprise!

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Have a lovely weekend!

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