19 Sleeps

\"img_20160713_092936\"Its December…

For the last 4 years this has meant 4 things to me. Christmas exams, my birthday, Christmas and a 5 week Christmas holiday. This year, only two of those things are still on the list.

I\’ve been thinking about what to do for my birthday this year. For the first time in my life,I wont be on holiday on my birthday, lol, I\’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

Anyways, my birthday is in 20 days. So for the next 20 days I will be posting something (by Gods grace). I want to say I\’ll be posting about things I\’m thankful for, but I don\’t want to restrict myself, so I wont.

Just know that for the next couple of days, there will be something from me :).My posts may be long, or they may be short, I don\’t really know. I do know that they\’ll definitely be there.

DAY 1.

Today, I am thankful for life. The thought has been with me all day really, and all I can say is this. I am thankful for life. That I have air in my lungs is simply a sign that no matter how bad it seems, no matter how much I feel like giving up, there is hope for me.  I can still try again tomorrow. I can still do something great.

It means that my family and friends haven\’t had to say goodbye to me too soon. They haven\’t had to go through that pain because of me. Its a sobering thought, but a real one. so today I am thankful for life. Thankful that blood still flows through my veins and my heart still works. Thankful that I can get up tomorrow and try again. Thankful that there is still hope, because you see, as long as there is life and breathe in me, there is hope.

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