Don\’t Jump Ship

Story time!


Today I have a story to tell. It\’s a story of something I re-learnt about an hour ago or so.

So, here it goes. After a long day at work, I set out with the hopes of working on my podcast. I left work early \’cause 1. its Friday, 2. I wasn\’t getting anything done and 3. I wanted to work on my podcast and get it done ASAP so I could go home and sleep!

But you know how this life is, the time that you want to do something quickly, that\’s when all the odds will be against you! Anyways, so I packed my things and went to library to work on my podcast. I usually record on my phone so the first thing I do  is transfer the file to the computer.

So, first things first, I wanted to transfer the recording, but for some unkown reason, the computer just refused to open the folder it was in. I unplugged, replugged, started, stopped, did everything my mind could think of, but this thing refused to budge. I even started deleting stuff from my phone cause I figured the phone was too full and that\’s why the computer wasn\’t opening the folder. But as fate would have it, nothing worked. At this point in time, I wanted to cry. I mean, I had had a long day, I was hungry and tired, and there I was for at least 30 minutes waiting for the thing to open and it just wouldn\’t.

But then from no where, a thought came to me

\”just walk away. Its not like that many people listen to your podcast, so even if you don\’t post it today who will notice?\”

 The next thought that followed was

\”you might as well just give up the whole thig sef, all this one you\’re doing, who\’s life is it affecting anyways?\”

Lol. Funny thing was, I actually believed those thoughts, and I told myself to pack up my things and just go home, I\’d come back tomorrow and try again. But before I could do that, another thought came to me. The thought was simple

\”running away wont fix anything. Plus, if you don\’t deal with the problem today you\’ll have to deal with it tomorrow\”

 and just like that, I realized the truth in it.

A lot of times in life, we like to run. It isn\’t working as fast as we want, so we run to something else in hopes that it will work out for us. He/she isn\’t giving you enough attention so you move to someone else with the hopes that said person will give you the attention you desire. The money isn\’t coming in as fast as you want so you jump ship and hope the next ship you get on will give you what you want ASAP.

But life doesn\’t work like that. You cant jump ship every time you hit a hurdle. You have to stick with it, work on it and overcome it. Not every time change your mind. You cant run away from everything that isn\’t going the way you would like it to go because rarely does life ever go the way we desire!

The funny part of this whole story is this, the minute I realized I was trying to jump ship, and the last thought crossed my mind, I figured out another way to get my recording unto the computer…LOL

Sometimes God uses the most \”inconvenient\” ways to teach us lessons, lessons we would ignore otherwise.

So as you read this, I\’d like you to know that I stuck with it and after lots of trying, I was finally able to work on my podcast. 🙂

Is there something you\’re tempted to give up on? A project, a relationship? If you haven\’t tried all the available options and then some, don\’t give up, don\’t jump ship, because sometimes, the point at which you are about to give up, is the point at which your answer shows up.

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Photo credit: Iyke Ibeh

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