Over the past year, I\’ve said to myself \”I need more  friends\”.

I\’ve constantly been saying over and over again how I\’m lonely more often than not, how I need people to rely on, people I can call on 24/7 and said people would be available, how these people would get me on every level.. you know, all that good stuff…

Now, I know that\’s a bit of wishful thinking, cause let\’s be honest.. No-one, no matter how much they love you and want to be there for you, can be there for you 24/7 365 days a year. Why? Because they have a life and sometimes their lives will clash with your needs, but it hasn\’t stopped me or a lot of other people from wanting it.

Like a lot of young people, I\’m on Instagram a lot. The problem with Instagram is, if you follow the right people, you will find that there are quite a number of people who share your idea\’s, dreams, aspirations, and people that someday, you wouldn\’t mind working with.

So where is the problem in that?  Well, a lot of them  have a million followers, or 10,000 or 50,000 and that means they have likes in the thousands and comments in the hundreds and probably dm\’s in the same league..  This means actually getting their attention is a very hard job.

This has hit me harder than I\’d like to admit. Like, why cant I have friends like them, why can\’t we be friends?? Why must they be so popular that they can\’t respond to people like me? People who aren\’t creeps and genuinely just want to rub minds together?? sigh #TheStruggle.

Through all of this, I\’ve been tempted to settle.. settle to be friends with just anyone. Settle with people who don\’t understand me, or my dreams and aspirations. Settle with people who could potentially could hurt me. Why? Because I\’m human, I get impatient sometimes in my quest for more.

So what have I done? What have I learnt? Don\’t settle. It\’s hard and it sucks.. being lonely hurts, feeling like you cant communicate with anyone hurts, feeling like all your conversations are only surface deep isn\’t a nice feeling, but don\’t settle.

While you\’re waiting for your amazing friends to show up, while you\’re waiting for that \”amazing blogger\” to notice you or that \”awesome artist\” to see you, that \”creative mind\” that \”manager/producer/whatever you want him/her to be\” focus on you. Make you the best you can possibly be. Grow in the area\’s you need to develop. Work on the not so great parts of you, and make them great. Don\’t fold your hands and wait for something to happen, take a step to make you better.. and while doing that, remember.. DON\’T SETTLE. You settling means you\’re underselling your worth. Don\’t do that! You are amazing. You are beautiful, don\’t let anyone treat you any less than you deserve, male, female, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend it doesn\’t matter.. You are worth something, and if you are in a relationship that makes you feel less than that, then you\’re settling and you shouldn\’t!


Disclaimer: I have amazing friends and I love each and everyone of them!

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