Heart… To Break or to Mend

So.. who ever said final year was easy, lied!! LOL

Anyways, so in the midst of all my stress, I decided a little non academic writing was necessary..

Thanks to Leo for the title 🙂 I quite like it!


How do you say I LOVE YOU without actually saying the words?

The truth is, I\’m distracted.

I can\’t concentrate cause my mind is on you

I feel like I\’ve hurt you, in the worst possible way..

A part of me wants you to say those three words,

So I can feel safe in the knowledge that it\’s true.

And even if we aren\’t together there\’s some hope to hold on to.

My mind keeps drifting to you.

I know I hurt you, but maybe you can forgive me..

Maybe it\’s not too late to fix things..

Because the truth is, today.. Just like every day other day for the last month

I can\’t stop thinking about you.

But unlike every other day, today, there\’s a sadness attached to my thoughts

The deep sadness that comes with knowing loss

The sadness that\’s realised when your favourite puppy dies

Or you watch your best friend board the train, and even though she said she\’d be back

You know that maybe today, will be the last time you\’ll see her…

It’s a deep sadness.. And it hurts.

My heart is calm.. It can\’t speak. I know it wants to shout and beg and cry

But it can\’t speak.

It watches you as you leave.. As you turn your back and leave

As you pack your bags, take your belongings, take your essence and leave

Her beat is slow.. She\’s too calm.. I worry that she\’ll stop if she keeps beating at this rate..

But I guess that fact that you\’re leaving has somehow sapped the life from her being…

Today.. The thoughts are random.. And they don’t make sense..

The feelings however are true and they sing only one tune..

Please don’t leave.. I need you.

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