Birthday Time!!


Okay, so lets start from somewhere. Generally I feel like my posts have to be long and poetic and reveal some deep hidden truth about life! lol.. but I was thinking the other day and I realised that my blog is called \”Random thoughts of Shazzy B!\” and as such my posts don\’t need to be anything but my random thoughts :)! That, my friends was like a cool breeze on a hot day to me!

Anyway\’s, to today\’s post!


The month of September has been full of birthday\’s for me, almost everyday I find myself telling one friend or the other Happy Birthday.. I find myself praying for them and wishing them the best. And yo! That\’s a good thing! People need to be appreciated!

However, believe it or not, I started to get jealous! *covers face* I started to feel neglected and unloved, lol \’cause everyone was giving all these long speeches about \’how amazing person A is\’ or \’how person B has blessed their lives\’ and so on. But you see my birthday isn\’t until December, so no one is going to say I\’m amazing or awesome till then! lol (I joke!) 

So I just laid bare my insecurities to you.. why? Because I know there are a lot of people out their, our friends and families, that we neglect to show just how much we love simply because we are comfortable with them. I remember the first time (in my adult life)  my dad told me he loved me.. it really felt weird hearing it from him (till today I don\’t know why! lol) but now it gives me butterflies to know that he cares. He\’s my dad and I know he loves me even if he doesn\’t say it, but hearing him speak those words, well.. lets just say it makes me feel special. So what\’s my point? Sometimes, birthday or nah, take a minute to tell the people in your life just how amazing they are! Truth is,they may not be here on their next birthday, truth is, they may be depressed and your appreciation and attention to them may lift their spirits.. truth is, they are human beings just like you, and we were created to be loved and appreciated! So! (I use \”so\” a lot don\’t I? lol) if you haven\’t been doing it, start now.. Don\’t wait until their birthdays to show them just how much you care or how much they\’ve blessed you. do it now, do it as often as you can. My bet is, they\’ll appreciate it more than you know!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Time!!”

  1. Well, i also thought I was d only who got jealous wen stuff like dat happened *m also covering my face*.. Now I know I’m not alone.. Yay! Thanks tho.. Great thoughts.. From a great mind.

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