Half Way Through…

\"thanksss\"I was literally about to get into bed and continue my semi Grey\’s Anatomy marathon and then it hit me. I hadn\’t written tonight\’s post. LOL

But that\’s fine, because I\’ve known all day what I was going to  write about.

So today, I\’m not going to say a lot, because I don\’t think the words I have will do justice.

It\’s the 10th of December 2016, and today, I am thankful for God. That\’s all. I don\’t know that I can even explain it anymore than that, but let me try for a minute.

You see, the thing is, without God I wouldn\’t be here today. I wouldn\’t be able to go through everyday. I wouldn\’t be able to drag myself out of bed every morning. Not simply because He wakes me up, but because without Him, I wouldn\’t be able to make it through the battles I fight. I wouldn\’t even keep fighting. I would have given up. I keep going because of God. I am able to function because of God. Because of His grace and mercy and His love. I know how many times I have felt like it was over. I know how many times I have been hurt and heartbroken by life. But God has kept me, He has kept me safe, kept me healthy, He has saved me time and time again…

Like I said, I don\’t know how to explain this anymore than saying it simply. And so, today, the only thing I can say is this. I am thankful for God.

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