I Am Worth It


Don\’t you just love it when you get an epiphany?! Well, I do, especially when it comes at the most unexpected times.

Once upon a time, when I\’d meet new people who I thought I could potentially like or vise versa, I used to introduce myself by listing all my flaws. I mean, I would tell you straight up ¬†things like \”I hardly make phone calls\” or \”I have a bad temper\” (not anymore though ūüôā ) anything that I thought was negative about myself, you name it, I\’d tell you. I used to do that as a self defense mechanism. I felt if people knew the worst about me, they wouldn\’t be surprised if I messed up or anything like that. They\’d also know that I wasn\’t a saint and thus lower their expectations.

I used to always feel like I was a difficult person to get to know. Actually, I didn\’t always feel that way, but some people starting telling me that and at some point in time I started to believe it. This led to me often times defending myself (unnecessarily) before anyone had a chance to accuse me of being difficult.

So… Where am I going with all this?

Well, I agree that I can be difficult to get to know at times. Even when I think I\’m doing great at being open and uncomplicated, often times I\’m not, but you know what? At the end of the day, I am worth it. I am so worth it.

I won\’t go into the details of how I am worth it, and to be honest, some people might not even think I am, but that\’s fine, because I know I am. I know what I carry on the inside, and I know what I have to offer and I\’m pretty sure there are people out there who agree with me on this one¬†#JustSaying

Unfortunately, a lot of ¬†people don\’t know this or get to experience this, and that\’s okay, because it has made me super thankful for those who do. Those that have stuck around.

So today, 11 sleeps to my birthday, ¬†I am thankful for all my friends. For the ones that have stuck around through my \”difficultness\”. The ones that didn\’t give up on me because I was low key being a pain. The one\’s that have fought for our friendship. I am super grateful for you guys. You rock!

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