18 Sleeps

\"image\"Today was a long and tiring day for me. It took everything in me plus some more to get up and go to work, but I did, and as the day wore on, I thought maybe I\’d change today\’s post into a rant as opposed to something I\’m thankful for, but nah.. Not today

It\’s 18 sleeps to my birthday, and today… today I am thankful for My Family. Notice how I said my family and not just family.

While I was thinking of how to go about this post, I thought about the fact that not everyone has a family they like. I mean they love them, but liking them can be pretty hard at times. In my head, that has always just been something that shouldn\’t exist, but I\’ve found that it does.

The thought has been very sobering and has made me even more thankful for the parents I have, parents that love me and parents that care.

In my thinking, it occurred to me, that not everyone has siblings that they can relate to. Not everyone has siblings that they can discuss anything with. I take this bit for granted, but it\’s really great to be able to just sit with your siblings and gist and laugh and then have serious conversations in the next heart beat. For someone like me, it isn\’t something I get to do with a lot of people, and its amazing that I can do it with my family

So today, on this 2nd day of December 2016,  I am thankful for my family. Because they are mine. Because they love me and because they are alive.

Before I end this, I\’d like to say this. Family sometimes inflicts the most hurt on us, and in the midst of that hurt, its very easy to say \”never again\”. It\’s easy to decide to be \”done\” with them and to \”wash your hands\” of their issue, but before you do that, I urge you to remember that God put you in that family for a reason, and like my dad always says, we don\’t choose our families. So before you decide to do something drastic, just think about it…

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