The Eyes of the Beholder

What\’s up beautiful people?! So, how is everyone doing? If you\’re like me you\’re probably really tensed ish about exams and stuff! but smiling and being like \”Its all good bro!\” lol, I make myself laugh sometimes!! 

Anyways, I started working on this piece a while back, and its actually not finished, I haven\’t even gone half way yet! lol,  but I figured I\’d put it out there, just to see what everyone thought.. I\’m trying to explore my creative side! Tell me what you think please! This one goes out to a friend of mine! Enjoy 🙂


When you behold my face, what do you see?

The scars from battles long  fought? Etched into my face like the inscriptions on a tomb?

The stains from the dirt of my words and actions?

Do you see the mountains of hurt and the valleys of depression?

The scars left by the erosion of what was once green meadows?

The upside down smile, a depression in an ocean bed?

The stone cold eyes.. Icy glares ready to freeze the Sahara?

Mouth spewing flames that set every thing they come in contact aflame?

When you behold my face, what do you see?

Do you see laughing eyes, forever sharing the secrets to joy?

Shining rays that warm even the coldest of souls?

A feisty mouth, flowing with words of  encouragement, words to caress bleeding hearts?

Do you see listening ears, a storehouse for  words  uttered?

An ocean swallowing ships of hate and anger, and never letting them go?

The mark of beauty found in a single rose surrounded by thorns

Do you see the good? Or the bad? The beautiful or the not so beautiful?

When you behold my face, what do you see?

The thing with beauty is its relative to the beholder

The beauty by the street meets devastation behind closed doors

Some see the scars of defeat others the crown of pure gold…

To be Continued…

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