A Bleeding Heart

Hi everyone.. uhmm, I missed a week, I must apologize for that! anyways, today I\’m posting about something related to the present situation in my country Nigeria. I\’m posting with a heavy heart, and tears in my eyes, but I\’m hoping this speaks to someone asides from me. If you have a sensitive mind, please I\’d advice you stay away, there\’s nothing bad about it, its just not very pleasant! Enjoy

At every turn all i see is bloodshed
Every post, every status, speaks of loved ones  lost
Or is a prayer for hope, for peace
How long will this man slaughter continue?
How long will innocent blood be shed?
All in the name of religion?
The blood of the innocent cry out for retribution
Wife\’s are left as widows, children without parents, parents without their children
All because you decide that your religion is better than another?
Or your beliefs are superior to others?
Or your way is the way that takes things forward?
How can progress be achieved if everyday a life is lost?
What good comes from all the chaos you have brought?
What good comes from a bomb gone off
Ending lives in the blink of an eye?
Leaving many hurt, alone, forever scarred?
Do you not get tired of it all?
Why not speak your terms and let a bargain be met?
Rather you kill the innocent and hide behind the wall of a religion?
The brutality of it all shakes me to the core
Burning a living human being, like we Are in the days  of Saul
Raping girls without a thought
Do you not have a mother? A sister or a daughter?
Would you wish such brutality on them?
This is more than just a religious war
It is the degradation of human life
To nothing more than dust
With sorrow and pain I sit in shame,with tears running down my face and a bleeding heart
Little children scared for life, watching cannibalism and brutality of the highest order
Watching another human being butchered all in the name of religion
What sort of religion encourages this?
What sane human beings sits down to plan this?
This is more than a religious war, because I\’m yet to see a religion that encourages this level of inhumanity
This is the results of greed, corruption and a lack or appreciation for human life
I pray to God for peace in my country cause this has gone on for too long.


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