Sun\’s Out Gun\’s Out, LOL

\"IMG_20170326_132940\"When I started exercising in earnest, I did it because I wanted my stomach to be flat, and I wanted abs. I wanted an abdomen that irrespective of the time of day, and how many meals I had eaten, would remain flat.

As an individual I was relatively fit, so jumping on the exercise train wasn’t difficult. However, I fast learnt that certain parts of my body were as strong as I thought! The first part being my arms. I realised very quickly that my arms were the weakest part of me and as such I always dreaded arm day. Whenever I had to do any exercise involving my arms I did it with very little enthusiasm.

Fast forward to now,  arm day still isn\’t my favorite day, but whenever I look at my arms, I smile! Why? Because I have worked hard and pushed through the pain and now they are toned, strong and beautiful! (not like they were ugly before):P\"exercise\"

Whenever I look at my arms, I am reminded that the only things that grow and become stronger are the things you work on. The things you focus on (positive or negative), the things you give your time and energy too…they are the things that will grow and  yield fruit.

You cannot expect something that you are not taking care of to grow. If you’re not feeding it, nurturing it, whatever it may be, it will not grow. It will not develop and it will not get better.

Often we have dreams, desires, and wishes but when we are given the opportunity to bring those dreams to fulfilment, we become lazy, we give up before we even start. We put in only a tiny bit of effort and then we wonder why we aren’t seeing any results.

I believe anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to as long as they are willing to put in the work. The more I think about it, the more I realise that even the things we don’t like or enjoy, we can excel at, as long as we are willing to work.

I never liked maths, at all. I hated it, but I also knew there was no way in this world, I could afford to fail maths, so I worked hard at it. I spent more time studying for maths than anything else because I had no intention of failing.

When push comes to shove, we must be able to stand our ground for the things that mean something to us.  There are things that come easy in life for some, but not everything falls under that bracket. And often times, even with those things that come easy, we must still work at/on them and exercise the \”muscles\” that are required. Only then will they grow and get better.\"be-strong-and-shine\"

So yea, I still don’t like arm day, but looking at my arms after a workout and seeing just how much they have developed makes it worth every push up or commando or whatever else I have to do .

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