Glasses for Sight

Remember how I talked about how I don’t drive? Well, in the bid to conquer that fear I decided I would learn. Now, before you can get your drivers license there are a lot of things you need to do, one of which is take an eye test.

So I went to take my eye test and the ophthalmologist after checking my eyes, told me I had a slight astigmatism and needed glasses.

To be honest I was just like, this woman  is not even serious, no way am I wearing glasses. But I still got the glasses, because I felt it was the responsible thing to do.

So, the other day I was in the lab, working and I needed to focus on a small hole, I was trying to align something and for the life of me, I just couldn’t. My eyes just kept seeing the hole out of focus no matter what I did. It was very frustrating to be honest. Then I thought to myself \”maybe my glasses will help\”, so the next day, when I went down to the lab, and I needed to do the alignment, I put on my glasses, and lo and behold, it was so easy to align. I was amazed!

Now, what are we learning from this? Often, we are set in our ways, we don’t think we need people or things or need to make improvements in our lives. Sometimes its because we don’t know any better, like in my case, and other times, its because we’re just too proud to admit that maybe our way isn’t the best.\"img_20161211_144512\"

As for me, even though I bought those glasses, I couldn’t see how they were affecting my vision. I mean, everything still looked the exact same, but when I actually realized where they came in handy, I was wowed!

Sometimes, we are ignorant of the beautiful things around us for different reasons. But don’t let your stubbornness be one of them. There is so much out there that is amazing and beautiful. The world is ours to experience and love and its one thing if you are unaware of all the opportunities that are out there, but it’s a totally different and unacceptable thing for you to be aware but too proud or to stubborn to take advantage.

So, now I wear my glasses when I need to focus on tiny things that are close to me, I love my glasses, they are cute, but more than that, they help me focus on things I would otherwise struggle to see. Maybe you have \”glasses\” that you have refused to wear for one reason or the other. Its high time you stopped doing a disservice to yourself. Put them on and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest!

Now, God made me a  perfect somebody, so the glasses cant be a permanent something in my life, but for now.. they’ll do!

Thank you for reading today\’s post!

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