Standards or nah?


\"img_20160619_113623\"It occurred to me the other day, that a lot of the time, the standards we live by are standards created by people just like us. i.e society
Society dictates what we do, how we dress what we eat and  even how we think. Should it really be that way?
I used to compare myself to a good friend of mine all the time, and I would say, if Miss X can wear that, why can\’t I? If Miss X can watch that, or if she does that, why can\’t I? And then , it got to a point and I had to ask myself.. Whose standards am I living by? Hers or mine? That thought brought me to write this. I don’t know where it\’s going or how it will end, but I must ask myself and everyone willing to listen.. Whose standards are they anyways?
Are they your standards? Or the standards of someone else that you have adopted because said person is popular and everyone likes said person? Or are they the standards of your bestie? Or are they the standards imposed upon you as a child by your parents, and because you were a kid, you held on to them? Now, you\’re older.. Are you still holding on to their standards, or are they yours? Don’t get me wrong.. More often than not, our parents are wise and know a great deal about a lot of things, and their standards and values are most times on point… but like I said, most times.. Not all the time! If for instance, you have parents that are very traditional, their standards may not always be right…

So, then… the question again.. Whose standards are you living by?
It is super important to know whose standards you live by, because your standards will determine what you do and what you don’t do. They will determine how you respond to certain situations, and how you view life…
I am constantly asking myself, whose standards do I live by? As a Christian, I live by Gods standards, but even at that, I have to ask myself, are the standards I\’m living by really Gods standards? Or are they man\’s interpretation of God\’s standards?
Many at times, what we think are truly God\’s standards, are actually just man\’s understanding of God\’s standards… so how then do you differentiate? By listening to God and finding out by yourself, what his word says, and not solely relying on what you hear from the people around you.
But then, looking outside of being a Christian, it is important that you don’t let society dictate to you how you live.. I know, its super easy to go with the crowd and do what everyone is doing, but really.. Society is always changing.. What society thinks is good, or bad, changes all the time. Our morals and values by society\’s standard changes every day.. So why then should we allow that same society determine the standards we live our lives by?

These are my random thoughts.. I look forward to hearing yours

It\’s  almost the end of my 20 day challenge and today, I am thankful for grace.

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Apologies for the extreme lateness of this post. I will try and do better tomorrow!



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