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\"HandwritingDear Reader,

I know I promised you a post everyday, but today my body has other ideas, and if there is anything I have learnt over the last two years, it\’s \”pay attention to your body\”. When my body says it needs a break, I try my very best to give it one. I mean, whats the point in working myself to an early grave? Or to a hospital bed?

The way I see it, I don\’t think we are meant to work that hard. Work so hard that you end up in a hospital simply because the stress on your body is too much or you are so busy you fail to take care of your body or give it the basic things it needs.

See ba, I understand the desire to achieve dreams and goals and to make it in life, but if there is anything I will never stop saying, its this, don\’t over do it. Don\’t work so hard that you end up  sacrificing your family, health and well being all in the name of \”you want to achieve\” because trust me when I say a dead man cant enjoy anything, and the best thing a hospitalized patient can enjoy is having friends and family around. And chances are, if you worked yourself into a hospital bed you probably chased your friends and family away in the process.

So like I said, I have nothing against hard work, in fact, as an individual I often times overwork myself, not because of any real reason to be honest, I just like being able to say I did everything I could possibly do. However , I am careful to listen to my body. If my body is telling me I need to slow down, then I do, because at the end of the day, I need to be able to enjoy the fruit of my labour. As my fellow Nigerians say \” I cannot come and go and kill myself\” It\’s not even that deep. I\’m more useful alive and healthy, working at full capacity, than I am tired, exhausted  and running on empty.

So, my dear readers, I have to drop my imaginary pen because my body has been giving me signs all week, and it\’s about time I paid attention to, and did something about those signs.

Having said all that, It\’s five sleeps to my birthday, and today, I am thankful for this thing called the weekend. I am thankful that it gives me/us a chance to take a break from work even if it\’s just a day. I\’m thankful that it means I don\’t have to get up before the sun and work under constrains. I am thankful it means I can be in my comfy clothes all day if I choose to and not be bothered!

Lol, yup… its 5 sleeps to my birthday and I am definitely thankful for the weekend!

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  1. Very nice piece. Even though I know I’m “guilty as charged” on this one. There is no shortcut to success except though hard work. Hence, “work hard and play harder” is the watchword :).

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