Hi everyone! I\’m tempted to say \”forgive me for the long silence!\” Lol, but I figured there will be quite a number of \”long silences\” ( I\’m not sure that\’s proper English! Lol) so I guess I\’ll just stick with \” Hi everyone! \” 🙂
Anyhow! This is a little something I wrote. I hope it makes some sense to someone! \"image\"

The wheels constantly in motion
Spinning a web that\’s never quite complete
For every thought, an idea is born
A mother in labour, heavy with child
Wishing for the discomfort to end.
The pain knocks her to her knees
She aches for release
Driven by a desire to see what she has laboured for
Day after day, week after week.
A shrill cry is heard,
Finally her dream becomes a reality.
The yearning in her soul is finally satisfied,
She smiles and beholds her glory.

What pushes a woman to such depths?
What makes a man forget the pleasure between a woman\’s legs?
That thing that keeps you from all you love,
Makes u shed weight like a snake shedding old skin,
Travel the world, sleep in motels…
When you can live like a king,
In the arms of your queen.
Man kind will always fight for that which we find dear
Like Abraham sacrificing Isaac, we give up what we hold dear
For something dearer.
Like Solomon, we spend money, effort, energy..
Hoping to create something worth it.
Like Queen Sheba, we travel to distant lands
To acquire knowledge that supersedes what we\’ve encountered.
And so I must ask…
What pushes us to such lengths??
The desire to be great, to do great, feel great
Athletes training day and night..
The prize glimmers like the sun.. Shinning,
A glorified star, looming bright in the sky
A musician, day after day
Studio from dawn to dusk
Singing her heart out, voice loud
Climbing higher and higher to get to that note
That soul piercing, chill spreading note..
Passion makes us who we are
It is why we do what we do
The love we have in our heart, transformed to impart
Not in part, but in full
Passion keeps us up at night doing what we do best
Bending our bodies to the rhythm of the beat
Tearing down and building up over and over again
Till (we achieve great thing which we desire) our desire is achieved
Finally, we show the world the beauty we\’ve come to love
Be it an art.. Or people
What we have passion for, makes us who we are
Let\’s us shine, brighter.. Even brighter than the sun…

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