\”Do You Boo\”

Hi everyone! sigh.. its been a while! and I apologize! I may/may not have been suffering from writers block.. but anyways!  Today\’s post is written by a lovely friend of mine.. when I read her piece, I must confess I was impressed and it touched me.. I guess that was God at work! So… Take a seat, relax, and enjoy! 🙂  p.s I will include her name and contact details at the end of the post!


\” DO YOU BOO!!!!\’\’                                                                                                    \"Image\"
I really took my time to honestly think of an amazing start to my first ever blog piece (if you like to call it that) but I ended up with the same “So” and I know what you’re thinking… (I’ve already started it) but the point is when someone starts with “So” it is way more interactive and less formal, well here goes…
So, it has literally taken me more than a month to figure out what I want my first piece to be about, the title I chose is from a ladys youtube channel (check her out ShamelessMAYA) and one of her quotes or one of her thing is the ‘’ Do You BOO!’’ thing (don’t know what else to call it lol)… while writing this I kept questioning myself along the way like ‘’Pelumi would you be encouraged, happy, sad, or not bothered if you read a piece like this?’’ and my answer to my own question was ‘’ DO YOU BOO!!!!!’’ THIS PIECE (which has not even started yet) IS NOT MEANT FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED, UNLOVED, UNCARED FOR NEITHER IS IT FOR CHECKS OF PUNCTUATION, SIMILES etc. It is simply a written blog piece for anyone. Just anyone. The song that came to my heads while I took my time to write this (long very very long time) it was unfortunately Bruno Mars  Dropped out of heaven. I don’t know if that’s the title of the song, but part of his lyrics was ‘’ You make me (Him not me) feel like I’ve been dropped out of Heaven..’’ the reason why I have the song in my head is just because these days we are so content and comfortable with doing what people want to see and what they want us to do. Whereas these so called ‘’they’’ are the same people that would give you money to purchase something for them, they would include the; weight, exact size, colour etc it would be an undoubtedly efficient and precise request. And then unfortunately for you who has given into helping the person out, you come back proud and happy because you know you’re about to satisfy someones request. You get there you hand over what has been purchased, and you get the BOOM look (I call it) –___–, you hear words like ‘’ omg I said turquoise blue, not ocean blue’’ you feel like you’re been amused so you do the ‘’ I hope you’re joking’’ laugh but to your own disbelief the person is not as pleased as you thought.
This illustration used above is just to point out that we live in a world where no matter how many times you attempt the call of pleasing this so called planet earth. Nothing. Nothing would ever be good enough for anyone you try to please.
I could think of so many things I could use as an example, is it your weight, skin, colour, hairline, shoes, riches, religion, personality, family etc there will always be something for ‘’Them’’ to say. So to You, I greet you and say ‘’DoYouBoo’’. The world never accept a replica of you so why be a replica of another person. You can only be you cause to be honest everyone else you could think of is taken .
No before you get over yourself with your criticism and all. I’m not saying let people down, or doing well never pays off. Not at all. As a very good uncle of mine once quoted, ‘’ if you are ever faced with a negative situation and you do your 110% best to make sure it doesn’t all end up crashing down, just know that the end result will always be worth it in the end. Whether it be a bad result or a positive one… it all comes down to you’’
To you this might not be what you want to hear, or you don’t see the link to what has been said above, but what I realised is that most times we tend to do what people want when it comes to making a decision for ourselves and that for me is just a killer, like I explained earlier, we need to make a standard for ourselves and to keep up with that standard we have really got to ‘’ do you boo’’.
  – Pelumi  Olaitan
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