My Reality

My posts come from somewhere deep inside, and I guess my insides aren\’t as pretty as everyone thinks. So here is another post from the not so pretty side of my inside 🙂 Hope you like it!

Its funny how we deny the reality of what we feel\"Image\"
We feel like crap, yet smile and say I\’m great!
We feel unloved, yet  pretend we\’re loved by all
We feel not so pretty, yet we wear all the make-up,

And tell ourselves I\’m as good as any girl out there!

Don\’t get me wrong, being strong is great!!
Standing up and refusing to be depressed is amazing!!!
But denying what you feel isn\’t the key

You love him with all your heart,
Yet when you see him kiss her, you smile and pretend you\’re happy for them..
You\’re failing that course so bad its not even funny any more,
Yet when asked, you say \”am grand sure, its not that bad!\”
You have issues with food and your weight,
Yet you tell everyone, \” I just don\’t like food, or I\’m not hungry, Or I like myself just the way I am!\”

Denial never gets you anywhere!
Face the problem head on and you  might just find peace,
Accept what you have and use it to get what you want,
Don\’t pretend you have it all, when you know you\’re on the brink of a fall,
Cause its much harder to get up from the floor than from a chair..
You may think, \”what does she know?\”
But trust me, I speak from experience, \’Cause  I\’ve found that pretence,

Has become my reality..

3 thoughts on “My Reality”

  1. I fink I relate alot with dis post..buh most tyms its jz ezia to pretend n stuff doz feelings down,to deny how u really feel coz acknowledging dem z jz to much to bear sumtymz…

  2. And sometimes we make pretence look like we have faith and acting in faith. I pray we get the difference and do the needful

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