Join Me??

So, this week has been crae crae :\'( I\’ve gone through everything I could possibly go through in a week and I swear down I  don\’t think I can cope!

lol, don\’t mind this weird intro :p I was gonna make it something cool, but decided to go with honesty 😀

Anyhow, my last post was a bit depressing I think.. lol, I\’ve been in a somewhat depressed mood.. but any-ways, I decided to post something somewhat cheerful (hopefully) today!

I\’m taking a little journey, a journey of self discovery, of finding myself and my vision.

it might not be fun, but I\’m sure it\’ll be worth it.                                                  \"Image\"

You probably wonder why, why this need  for sudden discovery.

But the truth is, in all the so called  order and control my life,

Lies a bed confusion in which I now lie!

I\’ve figured out something, something I\’ve known all along.

This life is yours and yours alone,

If you decide to \”throw\” it all away, even for your \”bestie\”

You\’ll live with that choice all your life.

I\’ve been throwing my life away..

\”Throwing\” sounds wasteful, so allow me rephrase that.

I\’ve been giving the better years of my life to people who don\’t care..

Don\’t get me wrong, those given years have made me stronger

But now I\’m strong enough to stand,

And now, my eyes are wide open, and I see what has always been before me.

It might take a while, but I\’ll get there.

This journey has just begun, but I know it\’ll be worth it

I\’ll find myself and I\’ll love who I find.

I\’ll discover the real me, who has been in hiding for a while.

So, will you join me? In this journey of self discovery?

Maybe in joining me, you\’ll see the need to take a journey of your own,

Or maybe find a deeper appreciation for knowing the real you..

Either ways, I\’m going on a journey,

Wish me luck cause I wont be back till I find the real me! 😀

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