It\’s Valentine\’s Day in a bit…

Tomorrow is valentine\’s day <3


I am currently listening to \”Chasing Cars\” by Snow Patrol. For anyone who is a Grey\’s Anatomy fan, ya\’ll know that song just gets you all up in your feelings. You don\’t even need to be thinking of anything deep, it just happens! lol,

Anyways, this isn\’t going to be a long post, not at all, because I don\’t really have that much to say. Love is a beautiful gift and should be treated as such. I don\’t just mean romantic love, I mean love in every way.

Ask the woman who just lost her husband, or the man who just lost his wife. They\’ll both tell you that time is never enough. They\’ll tell you they wish they could spend some more time with their spouse, even if they\’d been together for years. The same goes for the man who lost his mother, or the woman who lost her father, or anyone who has lost a loved one. They\’ll always tell you that time is never enough.

You can never tell what will happen tomorrow. Don\’t take for granted the love you have today. If you love someone! It\’s been said so many times,  tell the person. Don\’t hold back on loving the people in your life. Don\’t be worried about coming across as too emotional or too needy. There\’s nothing wrong in showing love and saying the words. Because you don\’t know… it might be your last time and even if it isn\’t, what do you gain from holding back? Like Alfred Lord Tennyson said \” Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.\”

So it\’s valentines day tomorrow. Kudos to those who show their loved ones love every day, doesn\’t mean you can\’t do something special! To those that don\’t, let tomorrow be a reminder for you. Tell your mum, your dad, your friends, the people you love, that you love them. Show them love when you can, as often a you can. Don\’t leave any room for regrets. Like I say, life is already a pot of beans. You don\’t need to make it worse by adding regrets.

Happy Valentines Day

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