Don\’t Step Into This Room

Written by Ruth Umez




Don\’t step into this room

There\’s lots of broken glass, shattered windows, barbed wires and electric fences

You might get hurt

You might step on broken jars of trust

So I\’ve daily placed this big sign



But if you push a little, you\’ll find the doors are open

Cause silently everyday I hang that sign there\’s a tiny prayer‎ beneath

That someone would dare open that door

Dare the broken glass and reach out

‎I sat everyday in that room, waiting


And just when I was at breaking point, accepting this dungeon as my fate

You came in and stretched out Your hand

Suspicious, I asked \”why?\”

And You said \”Cause You love me\”

Ha! Nice line but I\’ve learnt too much to fall for that now

But I looked into Your eyes and saw truth, I saw every part of me in Your eyes

And I knew somehow You\’ve never kept Your eyes off me

With shaky arms and closed eyes I stretch out my hand too


But this hole has been home for so long

How can I leave, how will I fit in?

Won\’t the badge of slavery be seen everywhere I go?

Then my fears drowned when I saw You weaving something out of barbed wire

You‎ made a crown for Your head out of the thorns which had confined me for years

So You could show me and anyone who would try to argue or contend my freedom


I rushed to ‎Your feet,

Blood dripping from Your head to my back

I didn\’t understand why but You made it clear that You considered me worth it

But sometimes I fear, scared I might not be worth the rescue

I turn and see You as my Rearward

When I think of tomorrow I see You as my Fore-guard

You have become my future, my reality, my purpose


This all encompassing, drowning love of Yours

Makes me lay my whole being, my whole labour and assets at the feet of the One who wasn\’t scared of pulling off the piles of filth that suffocated me

The One who didn\’t break this bruised reed and didn\’t quench this smoking flax

And I\’m willing to let You go through the dark alleys of my heart

To all the cupboards of pain and shame

To piles of stinking self-pride and condemnation

Willing to let You clean it all,

To snatch away these baggage I\’ve guarded so well


So Lord Jesus please come into my heart and see everything I\’ve become

I no longer withhold and hide from You in shame

I know You heal,revive crushed spirits and restore the broken-hearted

Jesus come into my heart again, come into my everyday and every moment

You\’re the Owner of my spirit, be the Owner of my mind, belly, desires, and emotions

And I\’m willing to drown and lose who I am in You.

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6 thoughts on “Don\’t Step Into This Room”

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this poem. Your imagery was wonderful. The most striking thing is that I could hear your voice in my mind as I was reading this. There is a great deal of passion and feeling in this poem. Awesome job, and may other come to know Jesus through your work.

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