\"Image\"Hi everyone!!! Today, I\’m not posting something I did, I\’m actually posting something my dad wrote. When i first read it, it spoke to me, touched me, so, I decided to be nice and share it to everyone else! Enjoy!


You predated your birth
You existed in His loins before you came forth
You were the object of his love in the womb of time
For you He made the universe
For you He set the sun, moon, stars, galaxies in their places

He is mindful of you
He is intoxicated thinking of you
His thoughts towards you are more numerous than sand on the sea shores
His plans purposes projections are eternal
When your fullness of time came
He was the one that gave you leave to enter the earth

They said you were unplanned for but He gave you leave to enter the earth
They said you were an accident but He makes no mistakes
They said your mother was unwed, drunk and violated
They said you are undesirable but He gave you leave to enter the earth
He created no mistakes you made it here because you are His star

Your story your songs your misery your mistakes 
They are your unique identity your message your mission
No one else can tell it like you 
No one else can reflect Him like you
You are the only one with your story
You are the only one he made like you

Copyright 2014
Tunde Albert Bolanta

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