An artist has to do either of 3 things with his art i.e. inform, entertain, and educate. Well, Kaduna state born hip hop recording artist, Laban \”Chapta5ive\” Habila brings all these elements to his art with the release his debut project \”The Tomorrow EP\”. On this project the artist experiments with new sounds that reaffirms that good music, still exists in present day. From topics ranging from personal dealings as a growing man to balancing family. The Diploma graduate of industrial design and currently an (under)graduate of Mass Communication drops conscious bars that would tickle your depth of thought. Contributing to the success of this project are artists such as Cephas Aba, Steverawd, Emmraze, Tshayne, A’foxx, Minkir and Skilz who spice up the lyrical dexterity on this project. The creativity exhibited, by the 22 year old artist makes the \”Tomorrow EP\” a must listen for any lover of good music. With affiliation to Christian youth group (YWAP) with the rap group Soul flame, One of Chapta5ive Goals is to encourage people about tomorrow to build strength and provide bread for their journey and this directs the sound of the project into a wholesome listening experience. Look out for upbeat songs on Track 2, 3, 7. The Tomorrow EP is a collection of uplifting words, deep thoughts, and distinct rhythm, please download, share, and enjoy. Chapta5ive is currently under the management of 489 and with the Rookie group Pashion (GO) with Artiste like Tsan, Halo and Madskillz. You will be hearing from them soon.


Date: Tuesday 20th December 2016
Time: 6pm
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Instagram @Chapta5ive
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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

  1. Outstanding Intro…i’m already interested in listening to it…dope work bro..i pray that God blesses the Ministry.

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