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Guess what guys!!! So, remember the song \”Boys Don’t Cry \”Well, I thought it might be cool to do a profile on Leo Owan who wrote the song! I actually enjoyed reading it and I hope you do it!

Who are you? (i.e your name, and any other info you want to add)


My name is Leo Makokolee Owan. The last of five, from Boki LGA. [A minority] I love plantain and lights, em? I\’m not good with an answer to this question, forgive me.


What is/are your expression(s) of art?

Writing, music and I\’m planning on getting into photography soon.

Why do you do it? (What motivates you?)

Hmmm. Why do I do it? I do it for the moments gathered during and after each experience of my art. Those itty-bitty moments where everything matters and nothing does- too. I look forward to such freedom whenever I read, listen or see other artists\’ work, so the idea of someone feeling that way or anything close because of my art is what motivates me.

What is your creative process?

I really don\’t have a routine of sort but I\’ve learnt, subconsciously- that my creativity gets propelled by experiences and events around me.

What is your ultimate dream/desire?

To visit and maybe live in New York! Hahaha! Okay. To be serious,  my ultimate dream/desire is to have the same or a handful amount of happiness people will come to have just because of what I\’ve done in life. If I\’m happy at the hour of my end, and it\’s evident to me that I\’ve blessed people, I\’ll die with a smile and a peace sign. *hits chest, one love EarthLinks, and I\’m out.*

Tell us 3 random facts about you ☺


1, I\’m addicted to plantain.  2, I\’m married with two daughters in an imaginary world I created and I sometimes call their names out loud. 3, I can\’t eat beyond four spoons of beans on a normal day.

What is one thing you’d like to tell people reading this?

Sink or swim. You should try swimming.

And just for the fun of it…

Are you single?? Of course not! What\’s wrong with you? I just told you I\’m married with two daughters.  -_-


Well, guys! That\’s Leo Owan for you! Keep your eyes and ears out for his work!

Thank\’s for reading today\’s post! Feel free to share, comment, like etc.



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