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\"the-7th-element-graffiti-exhibition-24\"So, this isn\’t really a post about my expensive taste, but I\’m pretty sure it got your attention 🙂 lol!!

Anyways, I have probably written about this before, but that doesn’t mean I can\’t write about it again does it?

I have always felt that there’s more to this life than school, work, more school, more work. I mean, if that’s all, then really it’s not a very cool life is it?

I have always felt that when we get to the age where we get to decide what we want to do and how we want to do it, it should go beyond more than what everyone is doing.

I have already established, in previous posts, that life can be a “pot of beans” but then again, I’ve had some pretty amazing plates of “beans” in my life, so I guess it doesn’t have to be all bad.

What I’m trying to say in my plenty rambling is this. There is honestly more to life than just school  and a job. We all have passions and dreams and things we enjoy doing. If you are going to work, then why not do something that you actually enjoy?

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like having money at my disposal, I mean, I have expensive taste, so I kinda need money if I want to get the things I like. But the truth is, it can’t always be about the money, because if it is, then you’ll most likely never have enough. You’ll keep wanting more and more money, never getting satisfied, until you eventually die. You’ll start working so hard you won’t even have time to spend the money, which in my opinion is just a waste. I mean what’s the point of having money if you don’t even have the time to spend/enjoy it? (Unless of course you just want to donate it all to charity!)

It’s one thing to pour your heart and soul into something you love, and another to pour your soul into something you don’t love. One drains you beyond your imagination and the other leaves you feeling excited even when you are exhausted. One leaves you feeling restless and most likely depressed and the other leaves you feeling empowered and ready to do more.

When it’s something you enjoy, chances are you’ll work when you’re on holiday and it won’t feel like work. Now, I get that in this life we can’t always have the things that make us happy, but I honestly feel that there is more to this life than a white collar job, you don’t enjoy, just so you can make lots of cash.

Most of the people I admire don’t have what we’d term common/popular jobs. For examples, Adaora Mbelu and Osa Okunkpolor, more commonly known as Ahdora and Osa Seven, I started following them on Instagram about a year ago. Adaora is a young creator and brand consultant amongst other things and Osa is a top graffiti artist, brand consultant and clothing label exec. These people don’t have what you would strictly call a white collar job, but you know what, the more I think about it, I feel like people like them are redefining what you call a white collar job, but I digress. Anyways, so in spite of the relatively uncommon nature of their jobs, 1. They are being recognized for what they do, 2 they are touching lives 3. From all indications they love what they do, and finally,4 they definitely aren’t broke. I mean, it probably took them a very long time to get to where they are, but they took the road less traveled because they decided they wanted something more.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the thing that gives you the most joy might just be on the road mostly traveled and that’s perfectly O.K, in fact, it’s awesome, because it means you’ll produce amazing results in jobs where people are just producing “okay” results. But if it isn’t, then there isn’t anything stopping you from stepping onto your desired path.

Also, can I just add, that it’s not a by force something to give up your job to chase your dreams! What works for Mr. A may not work for you. Figure out what works best for you and work with that. Just don’t settle, not forever anyways. I mean, sometimes you may need to settle for a while so you can build up your dreams, but don’t settle forever, and never stop dreaming! There is honestly more to life than “just there” days. We should strive for “amazing” or “exhausting but very fulfilling 🙂 ” days.

So, 5 days in, and I am thankful that there is more to life than work, school and “just there” days.

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*Image taken from from the \”7th Element\” Graffiti exhibition hosted by Osa Seven in collaboration with A2Creative

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