54 minutes…

\"img-20161204-wa0000\"So, in this instant that I am writing, it is 54 minutes to my birthday. Chances are, by the time I\’m done it\’ll be 30 minutes,  but oh well!

I\’m not going to lie, when I first started this whole 20 day thing, I did it because everyone seemed to be doing something for their birthdays and I felt like I needed to do the same. I started with all these great expectations and thoughts. I had planned it all out and it was meant to be great and filled with lots of interesting posts, but I didn\’t count on the fact that my mood wasn\’t going to be \”up beat\” for the whole 20 days. I didn\’t count on the fact that I had never written for my blog for 7 consecutive days talk more of 20! I didn\’t consider the fact that I would be tired and so not in the mood to write half the time!

Lol, one week into it and I was struggling. My desire to write was waning but I had given my word.  I thought it would get better as the time went by, but it didn\’t. As the days went by I got even more disinterested in writing and I was actually dreading my birthday.

Today is the 19th day that I have been writing, and to be honest even though it was hard, it was definitely worth it. It made me think about things, things I normally ignore, and more than that, it made me thankful. Thankful for so many things. I didn\’t think I would be able to find something to be thankful for for all the days I wrote. I mean,  know there are sooo many things to be thankful for, but I didn\’t want to just state the obvious. I wanted to give thought to those things and I did and I am glad I did.

I was nervous about today, for a lot of reasons, but I knew God was in control and even though I just wanted to hide behind a rock all day and pretend I didn\’t exist, God gave me peace and He told me to hold on and be calm and I did… I\’m glad I did, I ended up getting cake today 🙂 Two cakes actually.

See ba, today all I can say is this. God is faithful and He hears us and He see\’s when we are hurting and panicking. Don\’t for one second ever think that God hasn\’t been listening to you. My life is a testimony to the fact that He hears and sees. Even the things that your heart whispers without you actually praying. God hears..

I am thankful today for the journey of the last 19 days. I am thankful that God see\’s and He hears. I am thankful that I decided to go on this journey. It has definitely been worth it.

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