The Time I Graduated

\"fullsizerender\"I graduated from the University of Limerick on the 24th of August 2016. As is the norm, before the actual graduation day, I knew what grade I would be graduating with. Our results had come out in June and to  the glory of God I graduated with a BSc. in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry with a first class honours. I remember seeing my results and being confused for a while. Lol, the results said I had been awarded a first and I was just like, what is a first ? Is that like just a first class or a first class with honours? LOL

I remember someone asked me how I got a first class, and today, I’ll give the answer I gave him, 🙂 So, how did I do it? Simple, I worked hard. From the first day I started at UL (University of Limerick) I had told myself I wanted to graduate with a first class.

I wasn’t the smartest in my class. I remember a couple of times when my class mates would be talking about school work  and I would be thinking in my mind “how on earth do they know all that.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am smart, but I am not the smartest out there. Everything I have today, I have because of God and because I worked hard.

As humans, we can be lazy. We like things to happen for us without us putting in any effort, but life doesn’t work like that. You have to work and work hard. You don\’t have to be the best, you just have to try and actually DO the WORK.

It wasn’t easy getting that degree. I remember praying to God December 31st 2015 and telling him I wanted to graduate with a first class, and then getting my first semester  results and seeing a big fat C in it! Ah, I almost cried, I was literally borderline on the first class grade. At that point in time, I knew if I didn’t work hard I wasn’t going to get the grade I was praying for. So after saying all my prayers, I worked and I worked hard. I had zero life at that time, I poured my heart and soul into that last semester.

It was so bad, that when I finally finished my final year exams and came back home, I was sleeping like 3 times a day for a week because all the work I had done was just that exhausting.

Now, I’m not here to brag about myself, but I am here to say that hard work pays. Nothing will fall into your lap if you don’t work for it. You may not be the best out there, but if you work hard, you can achieve great things. It’s not rocket science, it’s pretty simple.

So, how do you get a first class? You work hard , that’s how, same with anything else in life. You want it, then get up and work for it!

It\’s been 7 days since I started posting everyday, and today, I am grateful for everyone who has been following my posts, liking, commenting and sharing! God bless you guys!

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  1. Its a good one dear. Lemme congratulate u on ur first class, and what u said about working hard is so true. Nothing in life comes just like that…we make an effort and God gives us success.. Had d same experience last semester. Good job

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