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Beautiful Storms

I was listening to a message on Sunday, and a question popped into my mind. “What if we channelled some of the energy from our frustrations, into finding joy from within?” I know this does not sound easy (trust me, I really do) but think about it for a second.
Often times, life comes at us with potholes, speed bumps and blind spots. This happens at almost every turn in life, and usually when we least expect it. It can seem worse when this happens with something you love or feel passionately about and everything around you appears to be working against you.banging head
At times like this, it is easy to get discouraged and frustrated. It is easy to forget why you started and lose focus on what it is you are doing. When this happens, we tend to get so caught up in trying to solve the problems, in what is not working and in the many things we are yet to achieve, that everywhere we look we only see grey. We focus so much on the negative, that we lose sight of what we are doing, the progress we have made and why we started in the first place. This shift in focus makes it harder to keep going, to push forward and to keep fighting.

Sometimes all we need to do is go back to what really matters, the reasons we started, the foundations of our dreams.

In my line of work, it is easy to get lost in the tiny details. This means it is also easy to get discouraged. When this happens to me, I go back and read my initial proposal. It reminds me of the reasons I started and the goal I am trying to achieve.
The same goes for relationships (any and all relationships). So often we are caught up in the idea of how or what we think a relationship should be. So much so that we get lost, trying to achieve that, instead of enjoying the person’s presence and lose out on enjoying the relationship in front of us.dancing beyonce
Moral of the story, sometimes you just need to sit back and remember why you started. Remembering why you started may not pay your rent, or get you clients, but sometimes it’s enough to give you hope. It is enough to get you to try again.
When our eyes and hearts focus on the storms of life, seeing and enjoying anything becomes almost impossible.
So maybe our minds should not focus solely on what we are trying to achieve or what is not working. Maybe we should focus on the people in our lives and find joy in the now, so we do not get lost in the process of “getting there”.

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Why I Don’t Drive!

So believe it or not, I don’t know how to drive!  *covers face*



Lol, I have refused to learn for a number of reasons, but the primary reason, the major road block to my learning to drive is…. *drum roll please*


Yup, that’s it, fear. Like, what if someone runs into me? Or I run into a building, or I panic and knock someone down! Lol

I’m sure you’re wondering how that little bit of information is relevant to anything right now, and why I just told you I’m scared of driving?!

Well, the things is, driving is not the only thing I haven’t done due to fear.

Before I started blogging, I was petrified of showing people anything I wrote. In fact, most people didn’t know I could even write to begin with because I was scared. I was scared of how people would see my work, I was scared of how they would respond to the topics I wrote on, I was scared nobody would like it… as in, the list of things I was scared of was endless.

For a very long time, up until quite recently, I had been very scared of performing in front of people. i.e reciting my pieces (poems, spoken word, whatever you want to call them) in front of people. Why? Well, what if I’m not good enough, or  nobody likes it? What if I forget my lines etc. in my head the list was truly endless…

Again you’re probably wondering why I am listing some of my silly and irrational fears to you, but give me a minute, I actually have a point I’m trying to make.

Believe it or not, fear is something that holds a lot of people, including myself, from being great and doing great things. The fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, the fear of disapproval, the fear of death, the fear of loss etc… the list of fears we can possibly have as human beings is endless

But what do we gain from letting that fear have a grip on us? Absolutely nothing! Instead we actually lose  a lot. We lose the joy of success, we lose the pride of hard work and a job well done, we lose the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of our labour, we lose the excitement of something new, we lose the knowledge that we are fulfilling God’s plan for our lives, cause believe it or nah, a lot of times fear stops us from doing and fulfilling Gods plan and purpose for us.

Now, this is not me saying I have overcome all my fears and I’m ready to bungee jump off a 30 floor story building, lol, far from it. This however is me saying hey, fear is normal, like Franklin Roosevelt said, ” courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that there is something greater than fear.”

Look beyond the fear, and see the possibilities you would be denying yourself of, if you decide to sit in fear. The worst thing that can happen is you make a mistake, or you fail, and in all honesty, those things aren’t all that bad. I mean, if you make a mistake, you’ve learnt something new… something you would most likely avoid in the future, and if you fail, you can try again, in a different way. Again, you’ve learnt something new and it will more than likely stand to your benefit sooner or later!

2 Timothy 1:7 ” For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind”

So!!! In light of all that, and in the spirit of being fearless, I have been thinking of starting a podcast, and I would like your opinion(s). There is a poll below, if you would like for me to do a podcast, please let me know, and I will!

Also! phot credit goes to the amazing Iyke Ibeh! Follow him on IG @iykeibeh

To Live…

Happy St. Patrick’s day beautiful people! It’s been a while, so I decided to take advantage of the day off and post something! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


To live, the dream and aspiration of every man.

Not to merely exist, but to live…

To feel the kiss of the sun, the whisper of the  breeze, the song of the bird.

To live to the fullest, enjoy the moments when they come.

Dance in the rain, laugh with abandon.

Wouldn’t it be fun not to care?

To act before you think? Reckless abandon, your piece of cake?


Heavy feet, dragging behind you.

Desk to desk, food, sleep by the way.

Days rolling into each other, night, day.. A blur.

Life… caught up in the circle of earning a living.

Forgetting to live.

Amassing riches, gold, money, cars,

Your pick at your disposal, yet indisposed to use.

Dust gathers, mold grows, from dust to dust.

Your possession’s vanish before your very eyes.


That holiday planed for the last 5 years,

Cancelled for business the first time,

They needed you the second.

The third.. You just couldn’t go.

Your spouse tires of your constant absence,

Can’t remember the last time you did more than sleep in the same bed.

Your scent but a memory, your touch a distant dream…

Your kids can’t remember the last time you took them to the park,

FullSizeRender (1)

Read a story, made them laugh..

They tiptoe around you.. You earn the money, you pay the fee’s,

Kids are to be seen not heard.


That 6 figure lady

Too busy earning… making a name for yourself.

All the men avoid you, sorry respect you.

No time for fun, no time for love.

Every social encounter, a calculated move

No spontaneity,

Days blend, work your life.

You say you’re happy, but at night in bed, your pillow begs to differ.

Insomnia sets in, your darkest thoughts revealed.

One too many drinks, takes away the sting of another night alone.

Skipped meals, you say you’re dieting, but in reality, the empty dining table reminds you of how alone you are.


The beauty of life is only experienced when you live, and not just exist.

When you savour your meals, flavours exploding in your mouth.

When you appreciate the birds, their cheerful nature.

When you smile at the rainbow,

Take a minute to appreciate nature.

Allow the flavours of the world become a reality in your life.

Slow down and breathe.. Smile, it costs you nothing.

Money can buy clothes, food, people to make you happy,

It can do a lot of things…

But at  night, when you lie in  bed, alone.. It can’t buy love,

It can’t buy joy..

Don’t rush through life solely accumulating,

Constantly calculating..

Take a moment to smell the roses, before it’s too late.


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Photocredit: Iyke Ibeh. Check him out on IG to see more of his amazing pictures @iykeibeh

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