Yes, I realise casuality is not a recognised word in the English language, but hey, English changes everyday! 

Casuality (as defined by Sharon Bolanta): The casual nature by which certain things are treated.

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I have a very close circle of friends… I like it that way. I don’t really meet new random people per say.. Whenever I meet someone new, it’s probably a friend of a friend or something like that.

However, last year, I decided I’d be a tad bit more spontaneous.. So this year, when random people say hi to me, instead of ignoring them, I actually respond nicely :)..

This week, was my first time of being this nice person.. And something quite interesting happened.

Twice I was approached/offered cyber-sex, by two random people who had no clue who I was or anything at all about me.

The funny part was, there was no warm up.. There was no talking up to it.

It was like “I’m bored, let’s have sex!”

Now, maybe this is normal to people out there, but to me, it was a shock to my system, cause like, they didn’t know me.. Funny part was, one was a lady, and she didn’t care to know if I was straight or not..  she could have at least asked me!

Anyways, I thought about it for all of 5 minutes and I was like  but why were you surprised? Over the last few weeks I had been discussing with my mother how people have turned sex into such a casual affair.. Like now a days, it means absolutely nothing. You hook up with people just cause they are attractive, or you’re drunk or something like that.

I’m a Christian, and I don’t believe in pre martial sex.. Now, even if I wasn’t a Christian, I still cannot imagine myself being so casual about it.

Like yo.. its sex, it’s a joining, I’m being joined to you for that time. A bond is being formed, no matter how small, how weak, or how brief, It is being formed…. and in my opinion it should be special or at the very least be reserved for people who are more than mere strangers, and no, knowing my name, age, relationship status and occupation does not mean you know me…

And so, I cannot imagine why anyone would be okay with having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry.. Or every Mary, Amanda and Joy.. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Yes.. I realise I’m probably one of the only few who think this way, but that’s my opinion.

No, I don’t expect you to agree with me, I don’t expect you to all of a sudden change your ways or any of that jazz…

I just think we should all think about the real reason why we do things and maybe some of us need to learn the art of self-control.

These are my thoughts… What are yours?

Disclaimer: As a Christian, I believe sex (sexual intercourse) is specifically reserved for married couples.

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