I have a little secret, I think I’m willing to share,

Its something that has worked over the past few years                   

Keep tuned to this blog, and maybe someday,

This secret of mine will be out in the air!

lol, free-styling at its peak! 🙂

Hi everyone! Shazzy B here 🙂 I’m sure you’re a little curious about this secret of mine! (that was the whole point actually!) well, the thing is, First of all, it’s more of little tips (which I like to think are exclusively mine!) lol and secondly, I have a lot of secrets (just like everyone else) that have helped me cope and survive over the past couple of months and years, and I’m more than willing to share them, if anyone is interested! lol there is a condition tho! You have to ask me a question/comment on this post… Why? because I need a starting point! lol, I cant randomly pour out helpful secrets and tips that nobody needs or wants to know about! 🙂  Soo, if any one is interested, let me know? Okay, so this post sounds a tiny bit weird, to me I hope it makes sense to you whoever happens to be reading this  but anyways, let me drop of a little something I wrote in a moment of boredom and contemplation.. enjoy 🙂

I lie..
Everyday I lie,
To everyone, including myself.
I know not who I am, nor what my life has become.
So I lie,
I say I am this… But I don’t even know if that exists.
I say I do this.. But that’s just cause you do too.
My negativity is becoming the essence of my being,
My lies, covering up the real me.
I’m lost in the sea, of what everyone wants
I have forgotten about the real me
I don’t know who that person is, and I probably never knew her to begin with.
The real me is in my mind, like a work a fiction
I tell everyone, I’m strong, I tell them I can deal with it,
I tell them I don’t care, I’m tougher than I look
But deep down, where it counts,
I’m weak, I cant cope, and I most definitely care.
They say “you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t feel that way”
But you know what? They lie too
Cause they pretend they’ve never felt the pull,
And they allow me gradually disappear…
Maybe one day, the real me will emerge,
But till then I guess I’m stuck in the lie of who I think I am.