So, this morning I was on instagram, looking through my old pictures, and I came across a picture of myself that I had put up. It was a pic mix of two pictures… one from 2009, and the second from 2013. I looked at the picture and it got me thinking, and now, I’m here to share those thoughts with you!

They say time flies…

I’d have to agree with them!

5 years gone by, with the blink of an eye

I remember thinking then, will it ever end?

I remember asking, will I never have a friend?

All I could see was darkness, not a hint of light

It seemed like I’d be in the darkness for the rest of my life

Now 5 years later, things have changed

I see things differently, but still the same

Every phase of life, comes with its darkness and light.

I stepped out of the old  darkness and into the light,

But it seems like a new darkness is snuffing out that light

So how then can I survive

If in every phase of life a new darkness snuffs out the light?

…. To Be Continued